App Store Optimization- The New ‘Mantra’ of App World

venkatesan | May 23 - 2013

It has not been long since mobile applications started booming into the market with full-fledge. The App stores are continuously updated with different kinds of apps that one cannot view it in a day or two. It is very interesting to note that number of apps in each platform a few months ago are like: 850,000 apps in Google Play, 800,000 apps in Apple App store, and 825,000 apps in iPhone App store.

Where is your App among the many? Since App Store is overflowing with apps, your mobile application may get lost in the crowd without being noticed by the public. Do you need a solution for this situation? Are you interested in increasing the visibility of your mobile application in the App Store? App Store Optimization (ASO) is the right solution for you. With growing number of apps, ASO has also gained importance in the App World.

App store optimization resemble the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with one difference that instead of websites, the mobile application is optimized to get listed in the top pages of app store search page. Keywords, head title, meta data, description etc seek its own importance in bringing the App on prominent pages.

Your main intention is to bring a better app position in the App listing pages. Keywords that may be used by the end user to find your app should be used for promoting the mobile application. ASO Keyword volume estimator tool can be useful for finding the phrases most used by the end user. tools helps to find the keyword used by your competitors. Google Analytics also helps to understand the type of audience.

ASO has its own importance in making your App successful in reaching the audience. You will find most of the tools and techniques used with App Store Optimization is very similar to SEO. Now making just an app and posting it into the App store will not be fruitful. You may have to follow the ASO to make the app successful.