Apple’s Countdown to the 50 Billion Download Application

Nandakumar | May 3 - 2013

Most of the mobile application development companies are looking for innovative means of defining their business. Well, the innovation doesn’t stop at developing their business, it even goes to an extend where the mobile app companies implement it in their products and services.

A considerable amount of monetary funds are indeed spend in this developing process, but the results what the companies get are really advantageous and beneficial. One such mobile application development company is Apple. Apple has gone to the extend of regularly updating their apps and devices in order to remain as the top most company in the tech industry.

No wonder, it was less surprising when Apple announced the countdown for the fifty billion apps recently. It signaled the current iOs downloads to an extend of forty nine billion already. Seemingly, Apple has greatly revolutionized the easy ways of playing video games, doing business, researching, educating, creating art, communicating, and the list goes on and on.

Like previously, as Apple had done before the download of a major app store, it has decided to give away about $10,000 apple store gift card to one lucky iOS user who will download the 50th billion application. Plus the next fifty people who download apps will get about five hundred dollar gift card.

Currently as per Apple’s calculation, the current download is about 49,216,610,939 and it is somewhat increasing every thousand apps for every two seconds. So somewhat you can say that there is about two and a half days left until the download count reaches to fifty billion. That is if the download rate goes in the same process.

Furthermore, it was revealed by Apple that it has made the list of the top most 25 free and paid apps of the all times. In those, Facebooks owns about three and Google has four. The most downloaded paid app of all time is the Angry Birds and it has a more astounding editions made – Space, Star Wars and Seasons. These are present among the top most downloaded apps.

Some of the top free Apps available in iTunes are Instagram, Facebook, Pandora Radio, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Words With Friends Free, Google Search, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja Free, Shazam, etc. The top paid Apps consist of Angry Birds, Pocket God, Plant vs Zombies, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Tiny Wings, Camera+, Doodle Jump, The Moron Test, Draw Something, UNO, Scrabble, etc.