Apple’s Next Killer App On the Way

venkatesan | April 15 - 2013

This year is quite filled with surprises and one of them is the recent announcement from Apple. As per the recent developments from the Apple’s corporate league, a new and killer app is going to take the iOS 7 to the next supreme version and beyond that.

As per the report from the representatives of Morgan Stanley, it is said that Apple is on the look out of making a huge impact through the launch of the iOS7. And what makes this particular device awesome and the thing to watch out for, is the full-fledged mobile application which is one of its kind. The spokesperson said that the app looks killer and top-notch and it is really going to be craved by most of the Apple users.

Unluckily, that is not the place where the good news ends. There has been speculations that the iOS 7 will be launched in the month of June during the Apple’s Worldwide Conference for Developers or at least there are chances of an upgrade which will roll-out. However, some feel that the app could be delayed. As per the information from the inside source of Apple Inc, it is said that the release date of the app could be delayed by a year or two.

Already, Apple has dipped its toes in proverbial sense the year before, during the launch of its app the Passbook. The app was basically used for storing tickets and coupon information which turned out to be less efficient and user-friendly with regard to making payments digitally. Even there are certain speculations that the iPad and the iPhone would be having the necessary NFC technology which would be a standard one. Frankly, this is one of the areas where the Apple is really dangerously falling behind.

Nowadays, many Windows Phone 8, Android, BlackBerry 10 phones have NFC and it is really surprising to know for some basic reason Apple has decided to stay away from the party. Now in case of the digital wallet, there are certain basic speculation that it is going to take off in a huge way, especially in the coming years. However, where and when Apple would join the affrays, it would really be nothing more than a news.

Basically, this is clearly one of the best examples which shows how the Apple is very much lagging behind most (almost) of its rivals in terms of user-friendliness and innovation. This year there are news hovering around the mobile development cycles about the date when the latest iPhone 5S would release.

Even there are a huge amount of speculations on how the new iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 would be. One has to really wait and watch to see whether the devices have the potential of wowing us in case Apple gets them right.