Apps that Act on Mobilizing the Tours & Travel Industry

venkatesan | November 13 - 2014

Travel and tourism is a huge industry which serves the travelers with different medium to commute such as airways, road, train etc to reach their destinations. The biggest challenge that is prevailing in the travel industry is ‘booking’. People want to be sure about their seats taken and book in advance. People stand in long lines at railway station or in the transport office to make the bookings.

But now, the whole scenario has changed. The smartphones have changed the people’s living. One can simply download the app and start booking at one’s own convenience via mobiles. In fact, provisions are possible where the passenger can choose his favorite seat position while booking. Now you can plan your vacations or business tour without any difficulty by choosing the apps to book seats.

The facts reveals:

  • In a survey comprising of 6000 consumers, the travel apps grew 116% among US smartphone users
  • Around 60% of the mobile users have downloaded and used a travel related app.
  • 40% of mobile users have used the travel mobile app to plan their trips
  • 77% of the mobile users use travel apps in their home while 13% book at work

The demand for apps in the travel industry has introduced the concept of mobility which serves the smartphone customers on the spot with responsive travel services. The travel and tourism industry is expanding its wings to serve the customers in the real time with enchanting mobile apps.

Apart from the mobilization introduced in the travel industry, the fact remains that

  • 60% on online travel companies do not have a mobile friendly website
  • 70% of the travel companies do not have a mobile app

Beyond the introduction of apps for tours and travel industry, there are still many market leaders who have not taken any steps towards mobilization which is seeping in the whole industry. It is the right time for the travel companies to convert their business with enterprise mobility solutions which is the future of the industry. The current position of tours and travel industry mobilization is like a big giant sleeping. The potential of the industry is highly unexplored.

Investing in mobile solutions is the right decision at this moment as it is evident from other participants in mobilization who have earned huge benefits by serving the customers by providing enhanced travel experience on the go.

Some of the challenges faced by the travel industry and how it can be resolved are discussed below.

Problem                                                Solution

1. Inability to do targeted marketing  – Mobile apps have reduced the marketing efforts with quick access to data on the go.

2. Poor service level                  – Mobile app provides self service opportunities

3. Unavailability of skilled resources – The traveling process is automated by app which reduces the demand for human resources

4. Lack of security                    – The mobile apps secures the data safely

Above all the mobilization of travel industry is supported with the cross platform compatibility such that user can access the app across different mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone etc. The increasing pressure of competition prevailing in the industry can be easily managed by the travel apps. Mobility solution helps in decision making.

Huge volume of data can be handled by the application which manages the task at their fingertips. Mobile technology can a boon for the travel industry with enhances tracking, reporting, and routing of the travel operations.

Some of the benefits of implementing enterprise level mobilization are:

  • Simplifies booking process which is quick and comfortable
  • Store customer information such as passport details, travel preference, payments etc
  • Discounts and offers can be announced through the application
  • Extend customer service to the satisfaction of the customer
  • Data on the fingertips with ease of retrieving information
  • Reduces investment and increases profits
  • Planning tours in a short time with local weather information
  • Apart from ticket booking, help find destinations and restaurant services
  • Cross platform support
  • Mobile flight tracking and bus schedules
  • Mobile route planner and trip journals
  • Offline maps
  • List of holidays
  • Budget planner with mobile payments
  • Highly secured and reliable
  • 24×7 availability

The enterprise mobility of travel industry is more successful with mobile internet rather than desktop internet usage. By 2016, mobile commerce is expected to grow by 55%. The industry can be flourished with good communication established among the customers and travel operators to provide live updates.