How to Make Your Apps Visible in the Crowd?

venkatesan | December 17 - 2014

Promoting the mobile app is more challenging than building the app. There are millions of app in the app store and chances are there that your app may get lost in the crowd. An inspiring app marketing strategy is what is needed to promote the app to the right audience. Some of the effective methods to promote the app are discussed below.

TV Ads

About 40% of smartphone and tablet users use the device while watching TV. Presenting advertisements on TV is a wide choice of big companies like Amazon to promote their app. The ads provides the facility to explain the special features of the app which may be unique in the market as well as attractive to fetch more audience. For example, features like bar code scanning and taking pictures to find the same product in the shopping cart can grab the attention of the crowd to use the particular app.

Social media marketing

Social media has become inevitable part of our life. Majority of the smartphone users surf the social media while going online via mobile. The features of the app can be made noticeable by providing the information on the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. All the chats and social media conversation can be made more engaging to keep the customer informed about the application. Features can be elaborated through social media.

App website

This has become one of the mandatory need for the apps promotion. A website can be built for the the mobile app exclusively such that user can download the app from the website. Also, building a website can be very useful to promote the app by promoting the website. Banner images can be included on the site regarding the application and a click-to-action button can be placed on the banner such that user could easily download the app from the site.

App review

Voluntarily requesting the major app reviewers on the net to review your app can be a fruitful idea to promote the app. There are plenty of reviewer sites who write about latest app of the week or top 10 app for the week etc., which may be useful to create a buzz in the market about your app. People believe more in the app reviewers who pick the best apps in the market and shortlist them. Hence this can be a sensible idea to approach the app reviewers to review your app.


If budget is not a constrain for you then you can approach celebrities to endorse your app which can make your app famous quickly. If your app is perfectly good then users themselves will become the promoters for your app.

App rating

This is a prominently used technique to collect the feedback from the app users. The end users download and use the app and if they are satisfied then they give star rating for the app in the app store. Another method is to collect the feedback using in-app messaging campaign. Surveys can be done to collect feedbacks and ratings from the customers.

Worthy app

At the end of the day, it is all about how much your app is worth talking. If you have an inspiring app then it will talk its story on its own. The app should be developed with rich features that will be preferred by the public. One has to develop a data-driven design and great marketing experience to make the app famous.

Your marketing budget limits your app promotion. There are many strategies that are adopted for promoting the app. Identifying the right method of promotion is the secret behind the success of mobile application. Maximum downloads from customers is the ultimate aim which is possible only with feature-rich mobile app that may prove to be useful for the public.