Artificial Intelligent

vignesh | February 26 - 2009

Artificial Intelligent,

AI concepts are starts from mid-20th century itself , AI is a technology which makes the machine intelligence , like reasoning , deduction , problem solving, learning etc..

Now a days developed and developing countries concentrating in AI because of its efficiency. AI is a widespread concept and this will be implemented in Machineries,Automobiles,Cameras,Refrigrator,Air conditioner,Space technologies etc….

AI is a humonide computer which acts and response with intelligency whether it may be Manufacturing Company or Financial Company.

Depending upon the needs AI is developed, for an example take a car which is going to be AI’ed so the planning will be starts from the scientist or researcher.

First they decided to make a car safety, like when a car run in lane followed by another car and if the front car applies the break our car automatically reduce the speed and if necessary apply the break and they decided to make it when the front car apply the break the rear light will blow and sense the light and apply the break .

Now the problem arise 1)if the car light not works 2)if the car apply break frequently our car has to apply the break each time, 3)if the light sense even a car in long distance or in a controllable distance .. like this problem arise so the AI should solve this things..

Like calculating the distance between the cars through sensing device , depending upon the distance calculation the speed is adjusted , sensing the car should be in wide range not in narrow range to overcome the accident not only from front car as well as from side,rear etc..

Like this depending upon the domain the AI is developed…….