Auction Script

venkatesan | December 29 - 2011

Anyone can easily create an auction website with the help of auction script. Holding this website, you can conduct auction online or allow other sellers to place their products for auction on your website.

Availability in Market

You may find diamond dozen auction scripts in the market. Due to the huge unexplored potential in the market, most of the web development companies have released their version of penny auction script. You should choose wisely.

Look out for script that have

  • Automated bidding system
  • International payment and shipping option.
  • International sales support
  • User friendly admin panel for website owner and end user

Advantages of Online Auction

  • An online auction site reduces the distribution cost of a product. It can be stored at one place till it is ready for shipping.
  • Reduce the packaging cost of items for distribution to intermediaries such as retail stores.
  • Protects goods from damages and keep them safe.
  • Various branded products become live in the open auction with low prices compared to the market.
  • One can buy or sell the products with less efforts and time.
  • Online auction helps small businesses to sell their seasonal, discontinued or damaged goods often with profits.
  • Price of new products can be set easily based on supply and demand.

Disadvantages of Online Auction

  • Customers cannot personally see or evaluate the product before purchase
  • You may get a product that is not worthwhile your money spend.


Enjoy the new features and advantages of technology. Online bidding has long way to go. Properly regulated, these online bidding sites can prove to be one of the hassle-free websites empowering the customers to buy products at competitive low price.