Basic SEO Concepts

vignesh | February 26 - 2009

Hi pals,

I would like to share the basic concepts of seo . There are so many techniques where used for search engine optimization in that we can discuss few things.

First one is Keyword in domain name for an example the site name is have famous keyword means search engine will crawl it easily like , now a days rss where used by many users so ur site get ranking when u use keyword as a url.

Keywords in title tag and this tag should contain 10 to 60 characters and no special characters.

Keywords in meta tag but should notice the keywords should not repeat and these keyword should present in body text if above criteria is not achieved the site will penalized.

keyword density in body text it can be 5 to 20%

Keywords in tags like h1,h2,strong etc..

Keyword phrase should be order.

Links should be relevant to keyword instead of arguments use hyphenated url like blogs are using.

Make sure whether site all links are working no broken links should present.

Try few clicks for going into similar pages.

Outgoing links should be in anchor text

Domain name extension should be noted now a days .gov and .edu have top level.

Try to decrease the file size , the file size should be less than 100kb and less than 40kb is preferred.

Make the site page fresh content , it should not be in a same content .

Seo takes consideration the ratio of old pages to new pages

Make sure the url length must not be too big.

Site age is taken as advantage more age more optimization.