Nine Basic Tools To Help You Develop Mobile Apps

venkatesan | March 18 - 2013

Now if you are a small business entrepreneur, the various decisions that you take can really play a great role in developing and establishing your organization. One such decision is developing or creating a mobile application. There are many ways to do it, but before that you need to know and get familiar with the various advanced development options present in mobile phones.

Also you need to know about the various platforms like Android, Blackberry, Apple OS, etc. Creating android apps or games is done using the Java script. You can even easily download them online. Now if you plan on creating an iPhone app then you have to use the IOS platform and may end up shelling about 99 US dollars for it.

Process and Tools required in building mobile application

Once you are aware of the various platforms in mobile development, the next thing that you need to do is check out for tools which can help you create innovative mobile apps. Even if you are not a program junkie or a programmer, you can still create apps as there are various tools for it.

The following are the nine apps which you may find useful

GENWI – This is a smartphone and tablet publishing platform. It helps to create and manage the users presences on all popular devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Plus it even delivers rich photos, graphics, audio, video and even other forms of interactivity.

AppMakr – A browser based platform which is designed to make your own iPhone app easily and quickly. Using the existing social networking feeds and content, a developer can prepare various approaches that are quite suitable for the app. They will also include various features like location awareness, push notifications, JavaScript capabilities, etc.

Mippin – The biggest advantage or strength of this app is that it is very much easy to use. Basically, it allows you create and develop apps for the Windows and Android IOS. Plus it even provides flexibility in creating and designing the app. In addition to that you can have the Mippin distribute your app for you.

MobiCart – Now if you are an owner of an ecommerce store, and you would like to take it into the mobile sphere, then MobiCart is the perfect choice for it. It links with the PayPal allowing business and consumers to reply through email id to conveniently, securely and cost-effectively receive and send online payments.

MobBase – If you are a singer or a member of a band, then the MobBase is something which you would really like every much. This apps allows you to use the RSS feed to keep fans up to date on the band ‘s events and news.

RunRev – This is quite similar to the English language and is used to develop Android and iPhone apps. Being a cross-device platform, it can be used to build live prototypes which uses the full capabilities of the Android and OS devices.

MyAppBuilder – This particular platform will create Android and iPhone apps for you. The only thing what you need to do is provide the contents like books, videos, etc and then their pros will then take it to the next stage of development.

ShoutEm – This is also one of the most important and easy-to-use platform, which is available via the ShoutEm. This ShoutEm is established for bloggers, sports fan, students, etc. Even if you don’t have the basic knowledge of the programming procedures and steps, you can create the apps using the ShoutEm.

Sweb Apps – This is one of the simple and inexpensive ways to track, build and update the native and interesting mobile apps of your business. You can easily create your iPhone and Android apps online.

Frankly, to create your own app is a significant way of differentiating between your brand and of that of your competitors. Plus it can even deepen the relationship that you have with your customers.