Benefits of CRM Integrated with POS for Retail Sector

venkatesan | September 20 - 2014

Normally CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is used in the context of ecommerce, B2B, and direct marketing where people access the terminal for updates. How will this suit for a retail sector where salesperson are not utilizing the terminals? Now it is possible to integrate the POS(Point of Sale) with CRM to gain insight on customer behavior and purchase patterns to provide customized service to the customer. Integration of CRM with POS provides a great push for sales and caters customers individually.

Some of the benefits of CRM with POS integration are discussed below.

Capture quickly

The POS combined with CRM is greatly useful for fast capturing of customer information. All the details of the customer such as name, shipping address, phone etc can be captured during POS. The information is automatically updated with the CRM such that it is useful for other purpose like marketing and management. The data can be used for customer analysis and preparing sales report etc.

Rich user experience

The combination of CRM with POS tends to provide a rich user experience for the customers since the sales person will have the complete details of the customer to provide a personalized customer service leading to increased efficiency in catering repeat customers. The CRM will have all the details of customer taste, purchase history, and interest to serve him better.

Customer loyalty

The information collected through the POS system will automatically get updated with CRM such that the data can be used for further handling of loyalty programs. The sales person will be able to identify the potential loyal customer to serve them uniquely. It can be also useful to identify and provide service to other irregular customers who are not into the loyalty program to encourage them become a loyal customer.

Data synchronization

The information collected from the POS is automatically synchronized with other departments on a real time basis. The information can be accessed from a single CRM platform. The instant updates for the CRM helps to build relationship with the customers by identifying them during POS.

Reports & marketing

Generally the data is first collected during point of sale and later updated after the sale is completed. But in case of CRM synchronized with POS, the information is updated instantly leading to the preparation of various reports and analysis suitable for marketing. Customer data can be handled on real time with the preparation of sales report and marketing list. Multi-system collated reporting is possible which may provide insight for decision making. Performance can be evaluated.

Maximize channel sales

Key metrics such as receivables, inventory stock, capital adequacy etc can be analyzed. The performance can be elevated with quick service via raising purchase order, track order status, delivery dates, back order etc.


The CRM integration with POS enables to provide loyalty programs accurately which helps to retain the existing customer by rewarding the repeat customers. Customer self service portals can be established to attend the customer queries and complaints. The collected customer data acts like a valuable resource for rewarding the right customer to improve sales.

Boost ROI

The ROI can be greatly improved by managing the budget and expenses efficiently. The purchase trend may be useful for casting customized offers which may bring in high ROI.

Inventory management

The stock level can be managed effectively by generating automated alerts to indicate the stock re-order level. Orders and stock can be tracked with realistic commitments to customers and distributors. The CRM may also issue timely alerts for renewals, contracts, license, claims etc.

Major vendors for CRM with POS System

Microsoft Dynamics provides greater control and visibility. The system is connected, transparent, and consistent. The supports POS system across variety of terminals and mobile devices and provides a holistic view. The SugarCRM provides and enhanced customer relationship using the CRM integration with POS. There are also many other third party applications which supports the integration of CRM with POS which may just fit into your budget.