Benefits of trading Used Cars through online auction

venkatesan | March 12 - 2015

Given the challenges faced in one on one sale of used cars market, dealers are paying hefty amounts on skilled salespersons as minimum as $30000 a year per head simply to handle clients. The used cars are sold after negotiating with the clients in a private sale and every year millions of used cars are sold this way.

What is the answer to this?

Our online auction software provides a solution to this niche market. It has around 10+ bidding types where dealers can upload their vehicle pictures with appropriate description on car model, type, manufacturing year and set a price for it. The auction process begins where buyers can use ‘Buy Now’ option mentioned in the website and also through bidding.

This results in less cost and time on the part of buyers and for the dealers; they can manage their stocks more efficiently and increase profitability.

Benefits for buyers

Benefits to buyers are:

Buyers can purchase their favorite car at cheap or reasonable price
Can participate in the auction using the mobile app
Get a look at the open and closed sale of inventory.
Search by vehicle type, year, model etc. and save the search for the models you can buy
Manage business while on the go using mobile apps.

Benefits for sellers/dealers

The benefits to the seller or the dealer are:

Virtual inventory available 24/7 and live bidding.
Make offers, discounts online
Eliminate travel costs and employee overheads
Make easy selling by reaching a variety of sellers like original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), banks, dealers, rentals etc.
Control over the auction tools


Used cars are less expensive segment than the new cars. If you are looking for a good bargain; consider the time-consuming process of negotiation in a private sale versus eluding the step of paying dealer’s fees in an e-auction.

People in limited budget are always on the lookout for such a type of auction where they get usually cheap cars compared to conventional car auctions.

The auctions online are secure and reliable and as a seller, you can promise the buyer the quality and condition that you are selling.

The return on investment of this business is expected to be within a month’s time. It is advisable that the maximum you pay for a car must be based on the price that you sell at the auction.