BlackBerry 10 Application Development – A new beginning

venkatesan | January 4 - 2013

BlackBerry 10 is shortly going to enter into the market which has created huge expectation among the BlackBerry lovers. Fast browsing capabilities, tiled galleries, sharing of social networks are some of the anticipated features that is keeping the market agile. BlackBerry 10 is promising its end users for an effortless typing experience with a touchscreen keyboard. One can also take perfect photo shot with time shift which is an attractive feature of BB10. All the information, messages, and conversation are also placed in a central place or hub which keeps the communication faster.

Apart from mobile users, the developers also would have the most advantages by involving in BlackBerry 10 application development. The major core BlackBerry OS is now completely changed with the introduction of RIM. The developers may find it very comfortable working with RIM with knowledge in C++, QNX. It is stated that BlackBerry 10 application development would make a big difference by having the micro-kernel architecture with BB10 OS. It is very easy to have a control over hardware or UI for application development. The BB10 supports HTML5 which allows for quality application development. Most of the open source applications can be run on Blackberry10

The security features are ensured with encryption, BB10 platform has received FIPS 140-2 certification. BB10 has built in settings to switch between personal and work applications. Multi-tasking is made easier just with few swipes without any need to close an application to open another. There are many other features of Blackberry 10 which makes it unique.

The BlackBerry 10 has been brilliantly designed to attract the users along with a promising future for the BlackBerrry 10 application developers with wide room for creativity and compatibility.