Branding Movie Characters via Mobile Apps in Cine World

Nandakumar | March 24 - 2014

Just like the vast world of cinema industry, there are numerous mobile apps that serve different needs of the industry right from clap boy to the movie watchers. Every person associated with the cine industry can find the best apps that would be helpful for them. This also includes the end user i.e., the movie watcher.

The movie fans get to know about the cinema theaters nearby and what are the movies that are put up there. The movie show times app exactly lists the movie times and theaters details. In-fact, there are flexible mobile apps for viewing the schedules of theater in any nation across any all types of platform like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, iPad etc. Apps are also available for rating movies which has made the industry to be more transparent.

One of the interesting feature regarding the apps that are prevailing in the movie world is film promotion via apps. The wise thoughts of film maker to convert the movie making into a marketing idea is highly appreciable. The film makers work with the mobile application development companies to chart out games based on the movie theme which is introduced to the movie lovers well before the movie is released.

For example, it may be Superman internationally or Chennai Express locally, in both cases people get to know about the movie characters and play with them using games apps. This is one of the trend setting idea for the movie makers to hit a commercial success by making the people more engaged with the movie before the release, creating sensation among the crowd.

Apart from games, there are also other social media initiates that combine with the mobile app which helps to build the brand in the public. Branding is the most important feature which helps the cine field people to market the movie, rather characters. Some of the mobile apps related to the movies include quizzes apart from games which keep the public engaged.

Film promotion takes place in various dimension and mobile apps has now become an essential part of marketing. Both social media and mobile apps go hand-in-hand in promoting the movie emphatically.