Build a Social Networking Site with Sandwich Script

venkatesan | May 3 - 2012

The count of social networking site is increasing day by day in the market. It helps the people for establishing contacts to form a network. The networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc keeps the people linked together with mutual updates. Sometimes it is beneficial for the business to have a personalised social networking site within the desired community or group to share information about the related topics. It helps to promote the business and establish a long lasting customer relationship.

The Sandwich script from NDOT is a wonderful product that helps to build your own social networking site. One can hold a completely independent website with all the features of a social networking site to build a own community.

The social networking script has all the basic features of a social networking site such as profile storage, friends list, updates from friends, event reminder, answers to queries etc. It also provides the facility to upload photos and videos. The user can post the blog on the site which will be automatically linked with other sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. The forums facility with multiple threads including comments are available. The user also can form a discussion group on topics. The classifieds can be posted. On the whole, the Sandwich script provides a full-fledged functional social networking site.

You can also design and develop your own community website with lots of Plugins and themes available with the Sandwich script. Your users will get acquainted with the site easily because of its user-friendliness.

The Sandwich is a reliable social network script that provides you with industry-standard social networking site with total control on the website. The NDOT also provides good product support with best customization facilities. You can now easily build your community with Sandwich social networking software.