How to build a successful mobile app

Nandakumar | September 11 - 2017

Mobile apps are the new norm for every successful business. The market is profitable, the demand is indisputable and the rewards are incredible. However, if you are eager to build an app just because everyone seems to be doing it, then you are in for a bumpy ride. To survive within this competitive industry, businesses must strive to create refreshing ways to approach their intended audience.

Building a mobile app isn’t easy and the hard work starts right from setting a solid foundation.

The Purpose

The building blocks of your development strategy should be framed around two critical questions – what do you expect to gain from your mobile app and why should the users prefer it above the rest?

Begin by analysing the intent behind building the application and the goals you wish to achieve. Without a clear understanding of this, you may end up wasting your efforts and budget on unprofitable outcomes.

Next, focus on finding the core features of your app. Not every established business starts out with a line of cool features. Take your time on developing the features that will immediately address the customers’ requirements.

The Assessment

While testing the application in a lab is part of the development process, the real insights come from the target audience. It’s best to test your app on real users to analyse their feedback and understand their perception.

Rely on analytics to understand your users’ navigation patterns, where they seem to fall off the radar and the key problem areas within the app. Test your application within the user environment and not a controlled setup. This crucial assessment can be a game-changer for your mobile app. Usually, businesses tend to release their initial app to a limited group of users to receive an overview response.

Persistency and Relevance

What most businesses fail to learn is persistence. Every industry takes time to reach the break-even point. Be consistent in your efforts to reach your users with an effective mobile strategy.

Once your mobile app has formed an established user base, your focus should also be on keeping your app relevant. Similar to many industry giants like Instagram and Snapchat who bring exciting new features regularly, continue to innovate with your app with new additions. The key is to keep your users engaged at all times with these enhancements.

Building a successful mobile application is a long-term process. Work on your core strengths and continue building exceptional user experience with newest technological advancements.