Building Communities via Mobile Application for Radio Station

venkatesan | January 11 - 2013

Music rules the heart and mind of every gender covering almost 90% of the population around the world. People have utilized various utilities like radio, tv, iPod, mobile phone, tablets, smartphones etc., to hear their favorite music. In this fast changing computer era, the medium to transfer music has also changed. It has become very common to get tuned with radio station via mobile phones. The radio stations have also adapted to the trend to implement new solutions. It is worthwhile to note that radio stations prefer to develop unique mobile applications such that they could reach their listeners exclusively.

The mobile applications for the radio station not only ensure to post music, it also broadcasts the program list and events as advertisement to keep the listeners informed about their favorite program. These kinds of ads can also bring in income for the radio station. The mobile application for radio station allows them to keep in touch with the listeners 24 x 7.

Marketing plays a great role behind the success of every business. The radio station can establish their brand name via sending logos to the smartphone listeners. The loyalty can be increased among the listeners using the mobile application that keeps monitoring the listener’s choice. The app displays the current song on the air which is preferred by the listeners.

Mobile app for radio station not only helps to streaming but also includes other features like videos, photos, event calendar, push notifications etc. The listeners can be kept engaged by broadcasting the profiles of the band. The latest news and information from the radio station can be updated to the listeners. The video files can be shared via RSS feeds. Link to social network pages like Facebook and Twitter can be shared with radio station page.

The radio station can build a smooth community for them using the mobile application.