Building social component into your website using N.Social

Nandakumar | January 30 - 2010

What is N.Social ?
Its a platform to build a social networking application or integrate it with any kind of platforms, like WordPress, Zoomla or anything.

How it works with other platforms ?
N.Social has its own installation, that will integrate with other platforms with fewer inputs from user. After that users of your existing platform can be integrated with it with its social feature. You can also make this application as sub path.

Whats the difference between N.Social & other Social Networking platforms / applications ?
N.Social is mostly built for to providing social features to the Business applications / Ecommerce applications. By using N.Social an Ecommerce application can be a social shopping platform.

How to add social compontent to our website ? has an installation two steps to integrate a component. Its independent of any platform that you are integrating. It will get existing user table & database details is good enough to integrate.

Advantage of over existing social networking platforms

Application is very configurable
Its very easy to integrate with any exisitng platforms
Also it can act as a separate application

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