Why do businesses need social media marketing?

venkatesan | October 13 - 2011

Why do businesses need social media marketing?

Social media is a more effective medium to reach the target audience. Lot of brands are shifting their focus to social media to promote their business.

Small businesses and retail stores can Lot of businesses are unaware of using social media sites like Facebook, and many of them don’t have Facebook pages and their employees are not engaged in Linkedin discussions. Lot of businesses are using Facebook profiles instead of Facebook pages.

Most of the SME’s have no knowledge or time to spend in social media and many of them don’t realize that they can stay ahead of competitions by effectively using social media.

People prefer to buy a product or service when it is referred by a friend from a facebook referral or other reliable sources such as leading blogs and forum discussion.

Social media presence will boost your business in the following ways,

• People likely to buy a product or service from a Facebook friend referral.
• Social media as a new channel to interact with customers.
• Can conduct customer research and improve customer retention.
• Can build long term relationship with the customers

All your new product launches, discounts and other service related details can easily reach out your followers. People who like you product/service will refer their friends also. So you will get more new customers at short span of time.

To stay a head of competitors, businesses must spend some time on research and updates of social media. Post some news at regular intervals and interact with customers, soon will get more fans and followers as well as business.