Can iOS 8 meet the crowd’s expectation?

venkatesan | July 19 - 2013

The latest buzz that is all around iPhone is its release of next version iOS 8 around October 2013. Despite of people’s expectation from iOS 7 which was introduced with multiple features, the release news of iOS 8 has created more anticipation in the market. The beta version of iOS 8 is in the market while fans of iPhone have already started stating their need that they would like to see in the newer version. Apple being a legendary organization, its product still seems to be costly for many cadre of consumers. One can even ignore this but the real expectations from the iOS cannot be overlooked.

Some of the major changes that consumers would like in the upcoming iOS are stated below:

1. People may prefer non-Apple alternatives for checking mails, browsing, and maps. The iOS does not support hiding the pre-installed apps that one is not using
2. Consumers expect Apple to provide a single-tap child account or guest account that does not affect settings
3. An improvement in App Store management is one of the expectation from consumers. They expect an App store which can offer trial and paid version updates without using IAP
4. Inter app communication has always been a weaker point with iOS. Sometimes we may lose ways while bumping from one app to another. Multiple copies of document is made when several stages of editing across apps takes place which leads to confusion.
5. There is a need for centralized document access. Consumers have experienced difficulties while attaching documents to mail
6. Improvements in Group facetime calls specifically emphasizing when one could call several people at once
7. Notifications are interactive in most other cases like OS X Mavericks and Google. It is now time for iOS to match the functionality
8. Consumers are expecting more from Apple in case of ‘Do not Disturb’ notifications with separate settings for weekend and weekdays
9. Steps for betterment of cut, copy, paste option is the request from many consumers who feel that it was earlier better while it has become below average now
10. Handling two apps simultaneously is confusing presently, while OS X Mavericks has powerful full-screen mode for multiple monitors.

The consumers are the real users of the product and hence Apple should definitely extend an ear to hear and enhance the product with feedbacks from beta version. With so many expectations from the consumers, the release of iOS 8 is still a magic awaited for the iPhone lovers.