20 Aug 2016

Mobile phones have become an inseparable entity, be it at work or at home. And consequently, mobile app development companies are racing to top the competition in developing innovative and advanced applications.
Here’s a glance through some of the trends that mobile app development companies have adopted to showcase in the next half of 2016.

30 Jul 2016

In the business world, a smartphone without internet connectivity or a third-party application is hard to come by. Mobile applications have now been adopted across industries, with each, designed to assist users in tasks that range from fund transfers to e-commerce and from education to public lectures.


17 Aug 2013

iPhone from Apple which is a standard company, still finds it very difficult to compete with Android from Google. There are plenty of strong reasons for the failure of iPhone to match with Android market, some of them are discussed below.
This is one of the major setback that is experienced by Apple.


30 May 2013

Most of the entrepreneurs started using their smartphone for performing their business activities. This is also one of the strong reason for the increase in sales of Android smartphones. Due to this many mobile app development companies started to focus a lot on developing the Android business apps.