22 Feb 2013

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. It has become one of the important things that people cannot let go off it even if they try. Wherever they go, mobile phones have become an apt companion for them. The significance it has is so much great that at times they feel something is missing in their life when they leave behind their mobile phone.


27 Jul 2012

Dear Customer,
We are going to launch our mobile application product on next week called “Myclinic”, which is patient appointment application to all kind of health care clinic. It will create more relationship with doctors & patient in terms appointment, new messages about the clinic, appointment status etc..


26 Mar 2012

Android platform is a real boon for the Android application development company with its open source nature. With the stability of Linux core and the vast library of graphics and tools, most of the developers tend to choose the Android application development as their flexible platform to develop innovative apps.


16 Feb 2012

Apps are the word heard from most of the mobile users. The Mobile Applications or apps help the user to do a task easily as well as enhance the features of the mobile. There are plenty of mobiles available in the market which differ depending on the platform such as windows, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.


02 Feb 2012

Application development is an art of creating the best suitable to complete a task swiftly and easily. The Android application development has become famous after its usage in the mobiles. The apps are developed across different needs such as apps for games, business, news, travel, and much more.