13 Mar 2015

Recently, in America and other European countries, the real estate market is not functioning at its speed that it is expected. It is also foreseen that it will be the same for the year 2015 too. Now, the sellers are at heels to catch prospective buyers and sell it at any cost. But the buyers want only at reasonable prices.


12 Mar 2015

Given the challenges faced in one on one sale of used cars market, dealers are paying hefty amounts on skilled salespersons as minimum as $30000 a year per head simply to handle clients. The used cars are sold after negotiating with the clients in a private sale and every year millions of used cars are sold this way.


24 Dec 2013

Online auction is one of the trend-setting improvement in the field of ecommerce. People were able to sell/buy the products through online auction without any dependency on place or person. There were plenty of auction scripts introduced in the market to build the auction website and one among them is Nauction script.


08 Apr 2013

If you have an eye for details or for products that even though are expensive, but still can be within the budgetary constraint that you have, then check out the Nauction software of NDOT Technologies. Truly, a reliable and quality script, that can help you to get a constant inflow of users to your website and make them take part in the auction procedure.