20 Jan 2017

In order to exist as a part of this tech world, upholding a corporate identity is vital. Day-to-day there is a huge number of websites that have been launched for the end users to access the content across the world. PHP is an open source scripting language that is used to develop dynamic websites.

15 Dec 2016

A well-planned business model yields success beyond expectations. A traditional outsourcing company or an ODC in modern days have transformed the business landscape to a whole new level. The good old system of companies conducting all business activities in-house with employees under their own payrolls is gone for good.
Let’s see how these transformations benefit a business on a long run.

24 Nov 2016

What is Outsourcing?
Outsourcing is the process where an organization itself allocates specific business processes to a professional service provider from outside the organization, as sometimes all the facets of the business processes cannot be handled internally.


24 Oct 2014

PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language. It is very much useful for building ecommerce applications and other dynamic sites. PHP developers can be employed or can be hired on conditional basis to complete the project. Some of the advantages of choosing between hire PHP developer and employing PHP developer are discussed below.


16 Oct 2014

When it comes to software development all it cost is best efforts to understand the limits of dedicated insource developers and selecting the right outsourcing partner such that the project comes out in flying colors. Dedicated inhouse developers may be able to develop the project with their years of experience in the field.


15 Sep 2014

If you are in the brim of developing a mobile app for your startup or enterprise, then the next obvious question that arises in the mind is to develop the app in house or give it a mobile app development company to outsource the project. Some of the interesting points to choose between in-house and outsourcing are discussed below.


02 Sep 2014

Are you planning to develop a WordPress site or develop Android application for your business, then you should take a pause to think before you select the company or person to whom you are going to give the project to develop. Your project will take shape depending upon the person or company which is going to develop your project.