07 Mar 2015

The anticipation in an employee adds only further looking for recognition, wanting to identify that their contribution is heard and acknowledged.


04 Apr 2012

We have launched the new version of our NDOT website on 3.4.2012. The first impression on the NDOT Technologies website is eluded with fantastic design giving a peppy outlook to the site. The company activities are explained wisely using the scrolling banners that are multicolored and attractive making the home page colorful.


10 Nov 2010

The Chroino (a combination of “to chronicle” and “black,” It is a 35cm tall humanoid robot with sophisticated movements, powered by a lithium polymer battery. A newly developed “monocoque frame” covering is made of carbon and plastic, giving Chorino a friendly appearance, light weight and robust body. This has been developed in Japa.


27 May 2010

First of all im thanking all of our clients, employees, friends & network to supporting us for this journey. We have came for a long way, still We are looking very long journey together. Its really tough with out you NDOT not with this place.
NDOT is now emerging as one of the top most web technology company in india.