15 Dec 2012

Various ecommerce websites that are running using the groupon script helps in driving traffic to online stores, especially during the slack time. In addition to that it even helps in maintaining the proper inventory count, selling perishable inventory fast and building a customer base that is loyal.


07 Jun 2012

The concept of marketing the products in bulk by attracting the people with big discount offers based on group buying was introduced by Groupon in the year 2008. Today, after 4 years, the concept has become wide spread over the market with many emerging groupon clone sites. The main idea of Groupon concept was to provide discount coupons for the buyers with interesting deals.


22 Nov 2011

Ndot Reviews – I am Dominic Xavier from United Kingdom, Sussex. Starting a business is not an easy task for everyone in this competitive world. To start a business we need a lot of money and other resources. But the e-commerce business has totally changed this scenario in the business industry.


07 Jul 2011

Groupon offers its services in 43 countries and its new innovative idea Groupon Now available in 20 major cities includes three new cities Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Orange County, California. Groupon Now provides its service in some of the major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. It covers 20 North American markets now.


18 Apr 2011

There are more than 70 employees who are there to write articles for Groupon. When a new product is launched in the market people will search about it in internet only. So there should be a lot articles related to that product must be published in order to reach many people. When a team contains well versed article writer it makes your product much more effective.


19 Feb 2011

One can make a Groupon clone website in a day by using ready made Groupon script offered by Ndot under few hundred dollars. Promoting your new website is the most important thing for your business. Initially you can easily promote your website in your local area where you have started your business and can expand it to other areas immediately.


14 Feb 2011

In the recent months Groupon not only heard of its bidding offer by for $6 billion dollars, its effect on small businesses particularly how it turned an ordinary business in to more profitable. Of course one or two business may lose its margin in short term but they use the customer’s response wisely sure it will be succeeded in the long run.


13 Feb 2011

You don’t need to worry about branding your new products and service. Before the Groupon presence businesses spent millions of dollars to establish their brands name. But it is not possible for small businesses to market their brand in the big way. It is not easy to sell thousands of products or services in a day particularly non-branded. Now it is easily possible by Groupon.


10 Feb 2011

You may consider the following three points when a plan to make a Groupon clone website.
Do your designs so powerful, effective and user-friendly then visitors would not go anywhere from your site to buy products and services. Don’t disappoint the customer because of your deal.


04 Feb 2011

Groupon success created a new history in the e commerce industry. It has shifted deals market in to the new height today and even the big companies like Google and AOl also planned to launch their Groupon clone websites by impressing with’s profit. According to Mashable some of the people received daily deal emails from Google in the name of Google Offers.