20 Dec 2014

Surfing the internet via mobiles have become very common these days with about 58% o f the American adults having a smartphone. People tend to use the internet on mobiles for browsing social media, check emails, do shopping, etc. Hence making the site to be visible clearly on the mobiles or other devices like tablets have become mandatory.


08 Oct 2014

Animation and cartoons impress the customers more effectively than pages of description or flyers. The images directly influence the decision making. A study reveals that animated videos reduce the time taken to make decision by 70%. Among the 80% of video viewers, 52% have taken some positive decision or action.
Some of the main advantages of Animated video include:


06 Oct 2014

You might have built a great app that may be very useful for the end user, but if you don’t do the marketing to reach the public properly then your app may go unnoticed in the crowd. Millions are app are uploaded into the app store daily. It is highly important to market the apps such that it is known among the people.


11 Jul 2014

Alas! Christmas is over and again the doors of hotels are wide open with a sigh to invite customers who are infrequent. This is the story of most of the hotels and restaurant during the off-season period. There may be less number of customers who may turn around for hotel booking during the off-season time.


26 Feb 2009

Hi pals,
I would like to share the basic concepts of seo . There are so many techniques where used for search engine optimization in that we can discuss few things.
First one is Keyword in domain name for an example the site name is have famous keyword means search engine will crawl it easily like http://rss.