21 Mar 2013

Starting your day with a koan will be quite interesting. It would be the right thing to pump up your adrenaline and creativity. Especially, if you are a mobile developer, a good dosage of creativity mixed with the urge to create something interesting and popular is what mobile industry is all about.


06 Feb 2013

Many of us will not be updated about the valuable offers that are offered by Shops and Big malls, To get benifited and know about those offers this application will be adequte to Customers. Customers can save money and also Time by avoiding surfing the offers and searching offers from shop to shop.
Many Features is added to benifit Both Customer and Merchant.


28 Jan 2013

For the past many years, daily deals have changed the way people shop online. Previously, it was all about searching for the product, selecting it, making payment, and then the product gets delivered. But now it has totally changed. People first surf the website and check out for the deals or discounts that are available for the product that they want.


23 Jan 2013

Just like how a hand-spoon of sugar is enough to sweeten the tea, in the same way a small dose of technology can really make your life convenient. Right from the time you wake up from your bed to the time you go back to bed, you must have used uncountable technologies. The same can be said about restaurant mobile apps.


11 Jan 2013

Music rules the heart and mind of every gender covering almost 90% of the population around the world. People have utilized various utilities like radio, tv, iPod, mobile phone, tablets, smartphones etc., to hear their favorite music. In this fast changing computer era, the medium to transfer music has also changed. It has become very common to get tuned with radio station via mobile phones.


26 Dec 2012

The humdrum of life really takes a toll on a person’s life. The busy office schedules, deadlines, meetings, personal life make one feel like a molten volcano. At any time you could burst out with all the negative emotions that flow out like a molten lava. The only feasible solution is to pack your bags and go for a memorable vacation.


24 Dec 2012

In times of dire financial needs, we must have searched endlessly for an ATM machine. Added to that, the constant trails of walking continuously, looking out for an ATM machine just to withdraw some cash must have made us irritated. Just imagine how much effective it would be to have an ATM or Bank locater mobile application.


07 Dec 2012

Nowadays, the best way to kill time (that most of us do) is surfing the web on our iPhone, Tablet, etc. Inspite we spend a huge amount of time in playing games, chatting with friends, updating the social networking status, etc; most of us really like to use the web service for personalized service. The same can be said about hotel mobile apps.


05 Dec 2012

These days, one of the hottest software in the market has to be the CRM. As per various analyst firms, the total spending in CRM application software is going to be increasing every year. Firms who purchase the CRM application software are always on the look out of better CRM applications that could cater to their needs.