07 Dec 2012

Nowadays, the best way to kill time (that most of us do) is surfing the web on our iPhone, Tablet, etc. Inspite we spend a huge amount of time in playing games, chatting with friends, updating the social networking status, etc; most of us really like to use the web service for personalized service. The same can be said about hotel mobile apps.


08 Aug 2012

Consumers are the real market players in the field of commerce since they determine the demand in the market. The marketers have estimated the buying power and strategical calculation of the consumer mind. Normally, the buying instinct was supposed to be based on occupation and wages. The consumers were categorized based on rural and urban.


27 Jul 2012

Mobile commerce – this is the latest coined word in the commerce world which already saw the arousal of electronic commerce in early 1990s. The internet was the basic platform for all e-commerce solutions. With the advent of mobile phones with internet facility such as the smartphones, the e-commerce activities were done through the mobile platform which led to the evolution of m-commerce.


17 Jul 2012

If you are looking out for expanding your restaurant business, one of the honest suggestion would be taking your restaurant into the mobile platform. This is the trendy expansion of many business as mobile commerce is fetching much money and economy to the trade.


12 Jul 2012

The retail marketing is an integral part of supply-chain management. The retailers act as the mediators to fetch the products (or) services directly from manufactures (or) wholesalers and make them reach to the customers at different regions in the world with an included profit.


15 Feb 2012

The wireless technologies and mobile communications have induced a revolution in the business world. It has set an all new trend of marketing and promotion that has changed the strategies of business. The mobile commerce applications is making the life easier for the people who prefer to shop through mobile instead of browsing through net for hours.