Indhumathi D

29 Dec 2017

On December 23rd, 2017,  NDOT Technologies organised its second corporate social responsibility activity in the villages of Kempanur and Attukal. To move one step closer towards achieving our vision of uplifting the economy in rural areas, our December month CSR event focused on two major elements – women empowerment and life skills development for children.


28 Nov 2017

Our journey has been one laden with obstacles and the position we have now secured as a leader in transportation technology has only increased our responsibility towards building sustainable communities and contributing in the economic development of our country.


15 Jul 2010

We are always talking about quality whenever we interact people in our daily lives. We always look for quality/hygienic food/tea/water from a roadside small food mobile shop. As for i know, in terms of their customers or cost, they are delivering quality at their extend. You know guys, how many times we had faced quality issue in real life.
Fine, lets come to the point of IT services.


27 May 2010

First of all im thanking all of our clients, employees, friends & network to supporting us for this journey. We have came for a long way, still We are looking very long journey together. Its really tough with out you NDOT not with this place.
NDOT is now emerging as one of the top most web technology company in india.


08 May 2010

Data Integration is concerned with combining data from various Sources into one consistent stream. It provides an essential Single View of Data, for example, a Single View of a Customer.
Various resources may be necessary for a business so that he can get all the data in one place quality of the data is uniformly good, it can be integrated and it may be presented in a table format for the user.


30 Jan 2010

What is N.Social ?
Its a platform to build a social networking application or integrate it with any kind of platforms, like WordPress, Zoomla or anything.
How it works with other platforms ?
N.Social has its own installation, that will integrate with other platforms with fewer inputs from user. After that users of your existing platform can be integrated with it with its social feature.