19 Jun 2010

Semantic web provides ways for businesses to interoperate across domains the socio semantic web will enable users to share knowledge.At present there are three possible social approaches of user driven ontology evolution for the semantic web.
In the first approach, users could create a folksonomy  with social network analysis.


07 Jun 2010

WSML is extension of a significant part of RDFs.WSML language cannot  do full treatment of blank nodes. Rule based WSML variants are provided an express rule of a language which can be used for manipulation of RDF data. WSML uses epistemology that will abstract from the underlying logical languages.


05 Jun 2010

Semantic blogging is a technology that builds upon blogging and adds semantic structure to the blog items. Values from the XFN4 profile are used to define the relation of the blog owner with the persons listed. Bloggers like to share  their views ideas, thoughts with others. Bloggers always like to share with others the list of other blogs and news sources that they like to read blog rolls.


04 Jun 2010

We use Zemanta to suggest user generated content. It uses natural language processing and semantic web technology to propose pictures,tags and links to related articles. Plug ins of Zemanta communicate with the server to get back suggestions. Server works to find the answer. It presents images, links, articles, tags in a simple interface.


03 Jun 2010

Free Open Calais service and open API is the fastest way to tag people, places, facts and events in your  website content.
Open Calais is free to use in both commercial and non-commercial settings, but can only be used on public content. Open Calais does not keep a copy of your content, but it does keep a copy of the metadata it extracts there from it.


14 May 2010

Calais is a rapidly growing toolkit of capabilities that allow you to readily incorporate state-of-the-art semantic functionality within your blog, content management system, website or application.
Calais offers several tools that can improve a blog’s tagging, incorporate great images and make your blog’s contents more searchable.


12 May 2010

Semantic web  needed a separate language due to its nature of applications. Interoperability is one of the primary goals of the Semantic Web and that rules play a key part of those goals, there has been significant recent interest in standardization.


11 May 2010

Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open-source for e-learning  and it has received wide acceptance worldwide. Courses in Moodle already contain enough information to answer sample queries (see above) and many others, but in order to get answers, semantics should be extracted first and then rules on top of the structured data have to be defined.


29 Apr 2010

Properties for RDF
Entity Properties
Entity properties is used for defining and modifying Resources of the select Ontology. The Ontology navigator shows the ontology projects. The Entity Properties panel is the main work area.
In the “Entity Properties” you can edit all properties.


22 Feb 2009

Yahoo!, A worlds first best internet company, They lost their monopoly in search, when they missed an opportunity to buyout google ( Inc ). They did lot of mistakes & Best things in their history. We are not going to analyze the Mistakes & best of yahoo company.
But where & how Yahoo can beat Google?
Business : Search Engine
How : Google is having 65% of world’s search queries.