24 Sep 2014

Social media is not new to today’s ecommerce business since social networks are playing a key role in promoting the products across different horizons. People share their thoughts and exchange reviews which may be useful for promoting the products on ecommerce site. Some of the strategies that can be adopted for implementing social media for global ecommerce business are discussed below.


17 May 2014

Before a decade or so, people were less connected to socialize with limited options to have a get-together. But today, people get information on their finger tips ranging from news to promotional videos. People are well informed about each others activity which makes the world to be smaller beyond landscapes with swift contact and updates via web and mobile.


29 Aug 2011

Business may be big or small but they are having their own websites to sell their service and promote brands or to create market awareness. Due to the increasing usage of smart phones and internet, around the world people spend some of their time in social media sites. They use social media to share photos, videos, contents and all the interesting things they want to share.


16 Aug 2011

My previous articles about link building techniques suggested profile building, forum comments and blog comments posting methods to get quality back links. In this article we will discuss link building techniques using social media websites particularly social networking sites and social bookmarking sites.
People use social media sites to communicate with friends and followers.


01 Apr 2011

Effective marketing is a big challenge for small businesses even it is start up or established one. I will give you some suggestion based on my social media experience to boost your marketing efforts. It is all are basic and easy to follow methods. Before starting social media marketing campaign you can outline goals and time to spend in the social media.


15 May 2010

Social media websites have been identified as the potential place for getting information about the user. Businesses and services sector were  happy that marketing of their products becomes easy. There are few standard guidelines to be followed and even the leading social media websites like face book have recently changed
Social media is geared towards reaching welfare state.


13 May 2010

TweetDeck is amazingly perfect for social media sharing without any question. It provides complete support using APIs provided from Linkedin, facebook & twitter. I really amazed first with Adobe AIR, RIA platform desktop client.
It has all settings with APIs, columns, enable & disabling functionalities, updates/tweets, type of updates & more.