03 May 2012

The count of social networking site is increasing day by day in the market. It helps the people for establishing contacts to form a network. The networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc keeps the people linked together with mutual updates.


30 Jun 2011

To fill the gap in social network market Google Tuesday launched Google+ other wise called as “real life sharing”. It is in beta version. Initially people are allowed to join by invitation only. According to Google its social network platform will meet the basic human needs to connect with others. It has improved privacy control.


15 Jun 2010

In May 2009, worldwide, some 1.1 billion people (age 15 and older) access the Internet, either from their home or office. Out of those 1.1 billion people, (65 % of the world’s Web audience) visited minimum one social networking site during the month, making it two-thirds of the global Internet users who  will access social networking websites.


10 Jun 2010

Social networks operate under  self directed business model, in which a social network’s members play dual roles as both the suppliers and the consumers of content. This is the major difference to a traditional business model, where the suppliers and consumers are separate agents.


21 May 2010

Open source Flex 4 makes it possible to reach new levels in social networking
The updated open source Flex 4 framework, also now available, includes a new component architecture for RIAs providing complete separation of appearance and functionality, enabling each to be changed independently without affecting the other.


13 May 2010

TweetDeck is amazingly perfect for social media sharing without any question. It provides complete support using APIs provided from Linkedin, facebook & twitter. I really amazed first with Adobe AIR, RIA platform desktop client.
It has all settings with APIs, columns, enable & disabling functionalities, updates/tweets, type of updates & more.


01 May 2010

As OpenIDs can be used to sign into multiple websites, the value of an OpenID increases with each additional site for which the OpenID is used. Users should take precautions to ensure that their account at their OpenID Provider is safeguarded against being compromised, including having a strong password, and keeping their account information up to date.