Changing Scenario of Online Ads Vs TV Ads

Nandakumar | April 11 - 2014

Ads in any form are considered to be successful when it reaches effectively to the audience, i.e., the end user who is going to buy or use the service. Multiple types of medium have flourished with advancement in technology. TV is one of the main focus for many of the organizations to promote their ads. But the latest medium includes ads online and on mobile. Study shows that nearly 58% of US population are watching online video ads. More than 75% of the Internet users watch digital video online.

A study reveals that people have the tendency to watch digital video up to 20 seconds and the percentage of people who view the ad completely include 87%. It will be interesting to note that 40% of the people were able to recall the online ads message while only 20% of people remembered the TV ads. The brands could be remembered by 50% of the people in online ads while only 27% remembered the brands in TV ads.

The television ads can cover a wider range of audience covering a wide range of viewers across the nation quickly. While the online advertising are less expensive and can be personalized for targeted customers. Using the online ads, strong campaign tracking and analytics can be measured which makes it easier for the company ad to measure its performance online.

One of the advantages of online ads is that it allows to measure the results and track the number of people who are viewing the ads. The number of visitors to the website via clicking the ad can be measured which can record the statistical data related to ad success. This option is not possible using the television ads which once aired cannot be replayed again unless its next slot comes. In case of online video ads, people can replay and view the ads as many times possible till they understand and act to the call.

For the advertisers, online ads are beneficial since they have to pay for the ad only when it is viewed by the visitors. In contrast, the advertisers have to pay for the ad even if it is not viewed by anyone when in air. The online video ads can bring in informed customers to the site at the most cost effective pricing.

For today’s business scenario, the online ads can be preferred where people hang out with internet in both terminals as well as in mobile.