Check this Blog If you are in Bane with No downloads of Posted Apps?

venkatesan | December 18 - 2014

Most of the developers manage to place their app in the app store after hurdles, but all the efforts goes in vein as the app receives no downloads. Sometimes even worse with negative reviews and comments alas! How to get rid of this state? How to feature the app in the app store more prominently such that it gets noted among its competitors? How to get the attention of the crowd among the thousands of new app listed each day? Check the few tips given below.

Extraordinary app

This means a lot. It is just not developing another app with same features or few extra features. This may not get any identity since people may ignore the app. One has to think to get out-of-the-box ideas and features which may impress the crowd to download and use the app. The app should be extraordinary, unique, and noteworthy which may leave a longstanding impression on the customers. The app should be able to keep the user engaged. Before uploading the app, check it with your friends and test if they are getting occupied atleast for 30 seconds.

Story behind the app

This is mostly the cases with games apps where a scenario for the game is narrated which makes the user to participate in the game. Narrating a story can create an emotional attachment with the app and keep the entertainment part to be fully satisfied. Story about how the app was conceived may sometimes keep the end user attached with the app. Prepare a story line to the audience with genuine efforts and put them in websites, app description etc to get noticed among the crowd.

Create Momentum

Launching the app at the right time with wide exposure matters for the app success. The introduction of the app to the app world must be planned with the release of press release, blogs, banners etc at a stretch. The app can be placed in major outlets by attracting the attention of bloggers who may review the apps and give a status for your app among the crowd.

App Websites

Building a dedicated website for the app is a wise thought since the site can be promoted via SEO techniques to get the attention of the crowd. A website provides more space for the developer to explain about the application. A single page attractive website that is well designed with unique landing page can make the show.

Host banners

Check out for the best blogs and websites where visitor rate is more and place your ad banners. Checkout sites like for relevant banners. You can also approach site owners to place the ads as integral part of the site fetching more traffic.

Press release

This holds a good introduction for your app. Compose a hefty press release with relevant screenshots with contact details. You can send it to the blog owners to request them to write a review.

Store Editors

Keep in touch with the store editors to receive their feedbacks and opinion. You can give advance notifications regarding your next release or newer version of the app to get featured again.

Stumbleupon paid discovery

This helps to view the landing page with paid service which is only 10% of the cost of adwords and facebook ads. Stumbleupon paid discovery may be useful to increase the visitors in a small budget.

Free App while launch

You can provide the priced app as free as introductory offer which can attract the audience to try the app.


Hope the above mentioned points were useful for you to promote your app effectively. The most notable point in all the cases is that your app should be unique. Make your app popular with site, blogs, press release, banner ads etc. Keep your momentum in promoting the app successfully.