Choose us for all your Blackberry 10 Application Development

venkatesan | January 7 - 2013

A new technology is entering the market and we are all set & ready to welcome it with our diligence to operate it. Blackberry 10, which is arriving lately into the market, is an open platform that supports for application development with wide market for the apps.

Blackberry10 presents an unified box or hub that can handle multiple email accounts, text messages, BBM, call history, third party messaging apps, and social networks like Facebook, twitter, and Linkedin.

We have adept developers who can integrate the core functionalities of Blackberry 10 to build useful apps using their existing knowledge in C, C++, SDK, HTML5 etc.

Blackberry 10 is one of the powerful platform that support Blackberry cloud services and development environment for HTML5 and native developers. Developers have already started equipping themselves with development tools like Blackberry 10 webworks SDK, IDE, and Riple emulator to test and debug the application.

The Blackberry SDK provides good support to port existing apps into Blackberry platform. Our developers can best help you to convert the existing Android apps to suit your Blackberry 10 platform with their notable skills in Javascript, CSS, HTML. Porting of existing Android apps and games written in Adobe AIR to Blackberry 10 is now very easy and simple.

When a new technology enters into the market, it is always expected that it will take some time to adapt to the newer technologies. But, in case of Blackberry 10, the developers experience the advantage of working with existing technologies to explore the platform to the most. Blackberry 10 application development has taken a stride already with plentiful options to convert the existing apps.

NDOT Technologies, with its supportive infrastructure and expert developers who have good learning curve, can be your wise choice for all types of Blackberry 10 application development to ensure quality and exclusiveness.