Why Choose HTML5 for building apps?

venkatesan | September 10 - 2014

HTML5 is evolving each day that it can soon provide functionalities at par with native technologies. When HTML5 was released back in 2008, it was supported only by the Firefox browser. Today, HTML5 is supported by all new modern desktop and mobile browsers. It has become the latest web technology and has become famous especially for mobile app development. Around 41% of the crowd choose to be with HTML5 for mobile an web developments. Some of the reasons why people tend to favor HTML5 for their development projects are discussed below:

Cross platform compatibility

The HTML5 is compatibility across all mobile platform like Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry as well as across multiple mobile devices. The major advantage is that it is cheaper to develop HTML5 apps when compared to developing native apps for each platform dedicatedly. Therefore it is cost effective. The best advantage is that one has to develop the code only once using HTML5 which can be run across multiple platform. This saves time as well as money.

Web based

HTML5 apps being web based, can be accessed via mobile, laptop, or desktop. Same interface is provided across all devices. One need not worry about the platform or app store approval.

Centralized database

The HTML5 manages centralized database which makes it easier to track the problems and solve it quickly.

Instant accessibility & updates

Updates are done automatically without any need for manual update. The mobile apps can be instantly accessed via mobile. The data can be updated on real-time basis. There is no need for getting approval from the store for every update. Changes can be made which is reflected live on the mobile instantly.

Use features of the device

The device features can be explored effective using HTML5 development. Device features like integrating in-app gallery to upload images, use shake function to activate GPS facility

Use the features of native app, touch screen facilities etc can be utilized by HTML5 development. This makes the development process to be simple.

Develop hybrid apps

Hybrid apps which has the look and feel of native apps can be easily developed using the HTML5. The hybrid apps developed using HTML,CSS, and Javascript should be approved by the app store in contrast to the web-based HTML5 apps which does not need approval.


Using HTML5 development one need not bother about platforms and app store. User need not download from app store but simply follow the URL to access the app. The app works across Android, i Phone, Windows, Blackberry etc.

Coding and designing

There is possibility of developing ready to run or pre-programmed functionalities which can be used for coding and designing the app easily.

Limits of HTML5

Comparatively native apps provide good user experience. HTML5 is slower and inconsistent with basic UIs. It has poor gaming capabilities and are not device optimized. It has fewer offline capabilities. It is also less stable than the native apps. The HTML5 provides multi-channel support at affordable pricing but one has to compromise on performance and user experience.

The HTML5 is a preferred technology for developing business and financial apps. It is continuously improving each day such that it handles the drawbacks efficiently and provide functionalities more than the basic functions. HTML5 can be a wise choice to build mobile apps that are functional across multiple devices and platform.