What to Choose – Mobile Websites Vs Mobile Apps ?

venkatesan | July 25 - 2014

As do your business grows so do your dependency of data management increases. There may be multiple mobile apps on the market, but the core information is stored in centralized servers. People rely on mobile websites to manage their business or even project their business on websites. The latest buzz in the market is mobile apps which is developed for doing certain tasks like booking taxi, book a table at restaurant, view cricket score, watch a business news etc.

Apart from the popularity of the mobile apps, the mobile websites secure its own advantage for managing the database. It is easier to customize the existing site and make it mobile responsive. The websites represents the enterprise over the mobile internet. People who surf on internet via mobiles are most likely to visit a site rather downloading an app. The mobile app is downloaded only for specific use or purpose while the website is introduction to any service or product without posing any criteria to download.

The smartphone has created an illusion that the world of commerce is filled with mobile apps, but the truth lies that mobile websites are also dominating. The small and medium sized business seek mobile websites in order to manage their customers and drive more sales to the organization. Some of the comparative features between mobile apps and mobile websites are discussed below.

Easy Access

The mobile websites can be easily accessed via the internet search on Google, Yahoo etc. The content is easy to use instantly. On other hand, the mobile apps has to be downloaded and installed to work with it. The businesses find it easier to convert their existing site to be mobile responsive or build a new mobile website which is user-friendly for the users to find the information.


The mobile apps manages complex task like accounting and payment tracking quite easily while the websites are attractive with call to action functionalities. The mobile apps can be custom made for performing certain repeated actions like buying, payment, etc. The mobile websites gives an introduction to the business and retain the customers on the site with swift service. It pushes the customer to participate in some kind of activities like online chatting, mail, phone calls etc.


The mobile apps can have good functionalities and cover within your budget. But not all customers may download the app, while web applications are present as it is on web. The sales conversion can be improved via mobile websites. We can also state that mobile website is mandatory for every business to keep in touch with customers through mobile. You may or may not develop a mobile app for your business, but having the mobile website is a must for enterprises to compete in the business.

Cost effectiveness

The development cost of mobile apps depend upon the complexity of the app. The development of apps goes through a cycle which makes the app development cost to be dynamic. The mobile websites can be built competitively at cost effective price. The existing websites can be customized to suit the web which is cost effective.

Easy development

The mobile apps development seek certain level of knowledge in basic programming languages like C++, Java, etc. The mobile websites can be built quickly using user friendly drag-and-drop site builder. Templates can be used for building mobile websites.

The businesses can establish a mobile presence using mobile apps and mobile website. One can select the option of either choosing mobile app or mobile website based on certain features like targeted audience, budget, purpose, required features etc.

The mobile websites can access the mobile-specific features such as location based mapping. They can be rendered on the mobile browsers. The mobile app needs specific portals like Android, Blackberry app etc. They can download the information such that user can access it without internet connection.

Reasons to choose either mobile websites or mobile app depends upon the purpose and goal. If you are planning for games then apps are obviously preferred. On other hand, if providing information or introducing products or service is main intention then mobile websites can be preferred. It is highly recommended for the enterprises to host a user-friendly mobile websites before launching any mobile apps to mark their global presence in the market.