Commercial mobile application let to know the offers in shopping

saran | February 6 - 2013

Many of us will not be updated about the valuable offers that are offered by Shops and Big malls, To get benifited and know about those offers this application will be adequte to Customers. Customers can save money and also Time by avoiding surfing the offers and searching offers from shop to shop.

Many Features is added to benifit Both Customer and Merchant.

User can view the list of offers from various shops and malls those are registered in the site.

Shop owner (offers in single shop)or mall owner (multiple offers from multiple shops)can add the offers that are available.

Security:Only registered user can signup into the application.

When user buy an item he/she can scan QR code, after merchant validation through code user can view the item buyed and number of items needed to buy to get the offer.

User can see the item purchased with offer count.When he/she reaches the count she can get the offer throuh this mobile validation.

Friends Communication:

User can Invite thier friends through mail those are in contact list, Application filter the friends list when those are already registered as friends. Also user can exchange the offers with his friend.Friend can accept or decline the offer exchange.


User can search the shop according to the category


User get notification form the shop he already puchased when new offer is added in the shop

When he is added as a friend by another user he will be alerted

When friend request for offers, user will get the notification it remains same in the application for particular time or untill user accepts or rejects.