The Contribution of Mobile Applications towards the Healthcare Department

venkatesan | January 23 - 2015

In an aim to revolutionize the healthcare department and to aid patients to have a direct interaction with doctors leading companies like Apple and Google have came up by developing an mobile application. Today technology is being implemented for healthcare procedure in hospitals and clinics. With the help of highly advanced apps patients are able to monitor their chronic diseases on their own which has a direct effect on the insurance which leads them to pay lesser premiums which in turn leads to low healthcare costs.

Google’s Part in the healthcare industry:

Google offers a feature called Help Outs, a video chat service wherein the patients can have a direct interaction with the doctors regarding their symptoms. The trail version of this application allows patients to search doctors treating common symptoms like cold, cough and pink eye. This firm has helped out to combat diseases relative to aging by introducing the firm Calico. Calico is an independent organization which is being funded by Google.

Google in collaboration with NASDAQ:

Google has contributed a lot to healthcare industry by partnering with some leading institutes. On downloading this app one gets to know all the drugs to cure the specified diseases together with the advice from the leading healthcare specialists and doctors. Google collaborated with NASDAQ AG to develop contact lenses called SMART. These lenses helps to track blood blood glucose and to restore the ability of the eye to focus. This is a great one for the diabetes patients as they don’t need to prick their fingers to know about their blood sugar levels instead wear these lenses.

SMART consists of non invasive censors, microchips, and miniature electronics and with the help of this product Google is said to have a edge over Apple in healthcare department. Besides helping the diabetes patients these lenses also helps old people having presbyopia, a syndrome which makes it difficult on nearby objects.

Apple’s Contribution towards healthcare industry:

In collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Apple Inc released Health Kit which is a health monitoring app which got announced in IOS 8 operating system. This enables users to have a statistics of heart rate, footsteps and sleep. In addition this also can pull in data from other health monitoring devices or fitness apps. Health Kit allows the associated doctor to get notified regarding the patient and can have a direct interaction.

Apple Inc has collaborated with EPIC, a leading healthcare providers which is serving nearly half the population in US. I Watch launched by Apple helps to have a check in blood glucose level, sleep, oxygen and caloric consumption. Users will receive notifications from their phone through the help of this device.

Today many healthcare apps and practices are being used in hospitals with the help of I phone and I pads. Also Apple have launched apps to healthcare providers which helps in effective documentation of the patient data.