Creating Mobile Apps for Creativity Rather than Customer-suitability

venkatesan | March 21 - 2013

Starting your day with a koan will be quite interesting. It would be the right thing to pump up your adrenaline and creativity. Especially, if you are a mobile developer, a good dosage of creativity mixed with the urge to create something interesting and popular is what mobile industry is all about. A lot of mobile enthusiastic and application development evaluators feel that the current trend what developers have is creating apps focusing on clients rather than the usage itself.

The overrated focus is satisfying the client and getting payment while the usage and advantage is somewhat forgotten. The result is that most of the apps developed or developing turn out to be similar with the same features and usage. Nowadays, the concept of building a unique or a different application is forgotten or not followed. There is a shortage of modern applications which is the major setback the mobile application industries suffer from.
So what categorizes this mobile application. What are the features this mobile application should have? Lets check them out

A modern application has to be onmichannel. It has to be designed to work across smartphones, tablets, phablets, desktops, laptops, etc. They are basically designed to anticipate new potential clients and their demand, method means of interaction, and of course, touch, voice, eye tracking, etc.

The concept of elasticity should be present in a modern app. A successful modern app is designed with the main purpose of spinning up or down as and when needed. They also take the advantage of cloud economics and the comprehensive open source software will add more licensing flexibility.

Modern apps should have the ability to compose as well as expose API’s everywhere. They have to be built on open web techniques and take the advantage of XML, JSON, REST, etc , making it very much easier to digest the data. If you check out any visible service or certain snippet of the data, you can see that it will have headless a API counterpart, so that you are provided with alternative views.

A great amount of responsiveness has to be there in the modern apps. They have to be built in order to deal with the functional realities of public network topology which is currently increasingly out of the IT’s control.

It is very much important that the modern applications have to be organic. They need to have the quality of being singularity. However, there is an immense problem in this as most of the modern apps evolve like biological organism rather than a great product release. Even the individual pieces of the apps change most of the time.

To conclude, building modern app is not as simple as purchasing a mobile middleware tool or doing a crash course in Java or C+. Since modern apps are quite composed of complex systems, you have to make sure that your mobile strategy which you follow should be different from the cloud strategy.

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