Why CRM Plays a Key Role in Business?

venkatesan | November 20 - 2014

Relationships are the basis of any business. A glorified customer relationship management (CRM) lead to success of the business. One can identify the prospective customers to maintain long term relationship with them by solving their problems and guiding them at every stage with proper tools which leads to business success. CRM is the best tool to serve the needs of a customer and manage competition prevailing in the market.

CRM allows to make informed decisions, increase productivity, as well as build relationship with the customers with thoughtful conversation. An insight of the business can be reflected by the CRM with single view using mashups, customizable workspace, timeline visualization of events etc. The CRM dashboard provides forecasted revenue, sales performance, service/support etc.

CRM system focus on top opportunities with simple methods to import leads into the system. Marketing campaigns can be maintained with on-demand service to effectively reach out to contacts. The success of the CRM software is based on its intuitive interface with 360 degree view on all customer interactions. It is also possible for the CRM to manage the meetings, appointments, phone calls etc to track the activities.

One can access the sales and marketing information from anywhere at anytime which helps to close the lead quickly. It helps to take strategic decisions by providing information using advanced business analytic tools, graphical dashboard, reports etc. All the information are made available on the fingertips which helps for quick decision making. A 360 degree view of the business is achieved by the CRM solution.

The major benefits of CRM solution for the business are discussed below.

1. Business interactions: The CRM encourages good communication among the customers and the business which leads to enhanced customer relationship building with maximum effectiveness. The history of customer conversation helps to streamline sales and identify potential customers.

2. Anytime/Anywhere information: The up-to-date information related to sales history, emails, conversation etc can be accessed via multiple medium like smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. This quickness in accessing the information from anywhere at anytime makes the CRM to be flexible.

3. Qualifying leads: Every email contact between the customer and the sales professional is streamlined with information regarding who is opening, who is reading etc. The integration of e-marketing with CRM system helps to qualify leads.

4. Opportunity trends: The opportunity management by the CRM system provides insight about future revenue and determine the sales. The sales analytics signifies the flow of work from future business which results in proactive business.

5. Define goals: Well defined goals allow to enhance the user’s productivity. Relevant tools can be used to track the sales process and work flow management. CRM is very much useful for identifying the business goals and tracking the information for the same.

6. Tools Integration: CRM supports the integration of Outlook mail, Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft word etc. The Excel helps to analyze the data further while the Word manages templates and correspondence. There are other apt tools integrated for managing email marketing, surveys, social media contacts etc

7. Professional service: The CRM from the hands of able professionals, who know the uses of CRM system, helps to provide a more effective solution. It is vital to choose the right CRM provider to get the maximum benefit with stability.

The efficiency of the business and productivity can be improved with good CRM solution. By implementing CRM across all employees, the system is streamlined. Customers and sales or lead database can be viewed at anytime which helps to grow the business. One can know the requirements of the customers and serve them better with this knowledge sharing possible via CRM. Customers history can be viewed. Leads can be qualified automatically. Implementing a CRM is the best solution for managing the business sales and handling customers.