CRM software Beta Version Launched

venkatesan | October 20 - 2012

Ndot released CRM software as a beta version, the latest product from the stables of this pioneering mobile app and web application development company, helps organizations to develop and enhance their customer and employee relationship. In a sense, it gives proper and standard flow of information throughout the organization.

A power packed and innovative business solution (which are quite rare to find in the market), NDOT CRM software provides an unique platform that controls the overall activities of the organization. Activities like lead generation, contact management, sales conversion, task assignment, projection monitoring goes in a smooth and efficient way with the help of the NDOT CRM. Building a strong customer relationship is what the business solution does.

What it Delivers

  • Multiple business solutions in a platform

  • Employee and customer management

  • Business Medium that is interactive as well as communicative

  • Purchase Order and Invoice generation

  • Ongoing support management and establishment

  • Identifying Opportunities and Leads

  • Interactive and Proper Ticketing Facilities for handling client issues

  • Easy and well detailed reports for monitoring and decision making

 Caliber of Engagedots

  • Contacts Management:- The details of the entire customers can be collected and arranged in a sequential order. Also the contacts can be stored and managed efficiently.

  • Lead Generation:- From the contacts and details of the customers, positive and successful leads can be easily identified. This lead is maintained separately in a systematic manner.

  • Sales Conversion:- Now from the leads list, you can convert the given leads into sales. This is done with the help of the sales invoice that is raised against the purchase order generated by the software.

  • Support:- A good and dedicated support can be maintained by the employees with the customers through sturdy support tools.

  • Project Assignment:- Nothing gives a good project management when the entire project is subdivided into handable tasks. The outcome of this is a good control on the project execution.

  • Task Handling:- Each task assigned to employees can be monitored to know the status as well as the progress.

  • Project Monitoring:- Right from the start date of the project to its end date, the entire project can be monitored.

User-friendliness is one aspect that is really going to impress any user while using the NDOT CRM. The flexibility and convenience with which Engagedots works makes it a highly recommendable platform. A single platform that beats its competitors in running campaigns, handling projects, automated sales, monitoring work progress, etc.

A notable feature of this platform is the admin control and security. It has a manageable administrative control panel that is easy to operate and self-explanatory. Adhering to all kinds of security measures, this application is fault-proof. What makes it a top-notch app is that the safety and security of the system are ensured by the admin panel.

A live working environment where employees and customers interact with one another and conduct their day to day affairs in an easy go. This is something that is not available in other CRM software. For organizations that dream big and are always in the lookout for a system that can be easily maintained and closely monitored, Engagedots is the solution for it.

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