The Dashing New Outlook of NDOT Website

venkatesan | April 4 - 2012

We have launched the new version of our NDOT website on 3.4.2012. The first impression on the NDOT Technologies website is eluded with fantastic design giving a peppy outlook to the site. The company activities are explained wisely using the scrolling banners that are multicolored and attractive making the home page colorful. The home page also contains the major services of the company listed under proper headings to guide the visitor.

The prominent attraction of the site is the well-designed menus system. The menu design of the site makes it very easy for the user to explore the contents of the site. The website menu displays the variety of services and products provided by the company at a glance to the user. All the company products and services are listed on the menu very systematically and categorically providing clarity for the site visitors to locate their need easily.

NDOT has now expanded its horizon by providing lots of solutions which is listed under the relevant domain such as enterprise, healthcare, retail, e-governance, and education. The company has increased its services providing a list of solutions including CRM, ERP, Loyalty program, Point of sale, Project management and collaboration, EMR, e-Learning and much more. Apart from the regular listing on the menu, the special products, solutions, and services are displayed with pictures to attract the audience.

The new site of NDOT gives clarity for reading with a white background. The visibility of the site has increased with balanced amount of pictures and texts resulting in less loading time. The site features are complete with best integration of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The company growth is not only reflected on the various solutions we have launched but also on the increased list of portfolio on the site that shows their expanding customer list. The new outlook of the NDOT Technologies website is worth visiting which reflects as a piece of demonstration for the flourishing web development company.