Deals Aggregator Site – A Money Making Machine

venkatesan | August 12 - 2011

Lot of people wants to make some money online in their free time. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn money online with out investing money, hundreds and thousands of people earning millions of dollars every month around the world as affiliates. Promoting right kind of business is the secret behind the success of making money online.

NDOT recently launched the deals aggregator (Yipit clone) product. People are showing huge interest in purchasing this product. Our script is installed in more than hundred websites and successfully making some money as affiliate commissions.

The idea behind the concept is very simple. The leading group buying deals sites like Groupon, Living social, Tippr and more number of sites provide affiliate commission to sell their service. Ndot deal aggregator script fetches all the deals from the group buying deals sites and aggregate it category wise in one place automatically. It is a complete auto-pilot system.

Every deal page is created automatically with unique title and description. So no additional man power is needed to run the deal aggregator websites. By default we offer only five feeds and one can add more number of feeds if he has technical knowledge, other wise NDOT will do it for nominal additional cost.

We will do the installation for you, all at once comes at $349. It is a one time investment but can earn hand some money if one knows how to market a website. Whenever a person buy a product by clicking your link you will get money as a commission. To get commission you must get affiliate id from the group buying deals site listed in your website.

Since it is a ready to install script, a deal aggregator website will be made in just few hours. All you need to do is just bring visitors to your website. Initially one can promote a site in two easiest ways, one is social media marketing and the other is search engine marketing. Definitely both the methods bring more targeted traffic to your website.

For social media marketing use Facebook and Twitter as a marketing tool and Google Adwords is the right medium for search engine marketing. If you have no time or knowledge in promoting your deal aggregator website we are ready to help you.