December Social Initiative: A journey of empowerment

Indhumathi D | December 29 - 2017

On December 23rd, 2017,  NDOT Technologies organised its second corporate social responsibility activity in the villages of Kempanur and Attukal. To move one step closer towards achieving our vision of uplifting the economy in rural areas, our December month CSR event focused on two major elements – women empowerment and life skills development for children.

We began our eventful day by travelling to Kempanur, a quaint village on the outskirts of Coimbatore. At first, it all looked like a quiet old village, but almost instantly, we could feel the warmth and liveliness of the place. A group of enthusiastic women welcomed our small group of volunteers with widened, happy smiles. Curious about how the day would unfold, they sat with a childlike expression, waiting to learn something new. Our volunteers focused on teaching them skills that could be quite easily practised and followed right from their homes. The idea was to help these women learn new skills that they could incorporate in running their small business and earn a living with limited resources and investment.

Late in the afternoon, we proceeded to our next destination, Attukal. Our hearts warmed the moment we set foot in the village. A large group of excited children thronged our group of even more excited volunteers. We started off by honing their personality development and communication skills that would be instrumental in instilling confidence in these young minds. Later, our volunteers also helped in developing crucial life skills.

December Social Initiative: A journey of empowerment

The day ended with us travelling back to our childhood, the innocence and mischief reflecting in each one of our faces, both grownups and children alike.