E-Books – The More Profitable for Publishers

venkatesan | June 18 - 2012

The changing technologies in the world filled with electronic gadgets, iPad, and tablets are increasing the convenience of the users to enjoy book-reading through electronic media. Infact, people tend to prefer the e-books than the regular hardbound books because of the easy handling nature of the materials.

The e-books provide an easy search method for the users which may be a complicated process in the real-time book-reading environment. On the contrary, the e-books provide the effect of real-time book-reading experience. The smartIBook is one such app for Android tablet and iPad which allows for uploading and downloading unlimited number of e-books for flexible browsing and reading. It includes all the facilities to zoom, control font size, or turn pages on the touch screen.

The best advantage of the e-books over the hardbound books is the portability and flexibility of electronic medium to access the e-books from anywhere at anytime. It is like carrying the books on your iPad or tablets without the physical burden of the books. There are options for contacting the publisher easily with the information available with the e-books.

A recent study that focused on comparative sales revenue of hardbound books and e-books have clearly stated that e-books are leading in sales and contributing more revenue. This makes it evident that people are slightly moving towards the habit of reading books in the electronic format. The publishers can reach the people on their portable device to promote their books rather than wait at the book stand for the people to approach them for the books.

The trend of the book-reading contributes to the sales of hardbound, e-books, or audio books. The feedback from social media is a benefit for e-books to interact with the book readers directly. Moreover, converting the books into an electronic format can increase the revenue of of the publishers since the books can reach the maximum audience.