Know More About E-commerce

venkatesan | February 11 - 2013

It is truly amazing to see the development that ecommerce has bought to the World Economy. What initially started as a small means of selling and buying products on the web, has now risen to be the major means of shopping for most of the people.

Frankly, it is what people have been aspiring for quite some time. An easy means of shopping, where people can buy things at their convenience and time. Take for a situation, where you need to buy an anniversary gift for your wife and you are either stuck up at work or in a meeting. Since there is no chance of going outside or taking a day off, you can easily buy the perfect gift thanks to the ecommerce websites.

As per a recent feedback and market analysis, it is estimated that the ecommerce industry of the US is showing an amazing growth. Online projections and various trade analysis have shown that the online retail sales in the US is going to surpass more than 300 billion dollars in 2013. Truly it is amazing to see that there are 33% extensive growth when compared to last year.

Now the question that comes to your mind is what drives this extensive growth of ecommerce, who are shopping online, how much people spend in shopping on a single day, etc. Now if you take into account of people who shop online on the basis of their income, then you can see that people who have higher income are the ones who regularly surf the net and make online purchases. And the trend increases as years pass by.

The surprising aspect in this ecommerce trend is that most of the adults who take part in the online activity are between the age group of 30-45. And these people spend most of their time in signing up for free products and coupons. There are a few percentage of people who compare products and prices on the comparison shopping sites.

The interesting aspect of this ecommerce is that as the years pass by, the percentage of revenue that they make will keep increasing. It is quite common in case of mobile ecommerce. As per the statistics that various trade analyst have predicted, the revenue that mobile ecommerce will generate will keep increasing and by 2020, it could be 200 billion dollars.

Frankly, by seeing the current trend that is going on, you can be sure that this ecommerce technology is something that is here to stay and will be there for a long time.