5 Things You Should Know About E-hailing Taxi Business

Indhumathi D | August 27 - 2018

E-hailing would be the talk of the town for over a decade. Since the inception of the technology, the e-hailing taxi business has gained popularity among the taxi business operators. While people started wondering the technology behind the ride-hailing app, many have started cloning the applications with similar features. In such way, e-hailing taxi business gains prominence, and now, without the taxi-hailing app, there is no possibility for taxi business to prevail in the market. I have listed below a few things about e-hailing taxi business that you should know even before starting it off:

  • Reliable Apps

The e-hailing taxi solution should have all the apps that are required to run the business online smoothly. Following are the basic and important applications without which online taxi booking and dispatching is not possible:

  1. Dispatcher App
  2. Passenger App
  3. Driver App
  • Must-have Features

In the prevailing situation and competitive environment, the above-mentioned apps should have a few features that are important for taxi businesses to sustain in the ride-hailing industry. They are:

For dispatchers:

  • Auto/manual dispatching
  • Live monitoring system
  • Fleet and driver tracking system
  • Report generation

    For Passengers:

  • Online taxi booking
  • GPS-enabled tracking
  • Package plans
  • Fare calculation
  • Street pickup and split fare options
  • Payment gateways
  • Emergency button
  • Feedback module

    For Drivers:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Live location tracking
  • Wallet system
  • Convenient driving options
  • SOS feature
  • Constant Engagement

Using a taxi software is not enough to get business continuously. You as a business operator have to engage your passengers often with offers, discounts, and greetings and make them use your service whenever they are in need. Therefore, keep engaging them through in-app push notifications, promo codes, and other promotional aspects. To do all the above things, your taxi-hailing app should be equipped with a perfect marketing module to constantly engaging your prevailing and potential customers.

  • Consistent Service

While providing a reliable taxi service, you have to maintain consistency to retain your existing passengers and attract new customers. Consistent service is possible only when the taxi-hailing app solution is good enough to meet customers’ requirements with quality service and satisfy drivers’ expectation with continuous rides and convenient driving plans.

  • Comprehensive Support

The taxi business has been considered as the most comfortable and profit-making one since the arrival of the ride-hailing apps. However, the business operators need to be very supportive to make the rides more reliable. The current-day e-hailing taxi solution is coming with an improved support system to make taxi passengers feel comfortable and safe when they are using the taxi service.

Buying a taxi software doesn’t matter now. It involves a lot of consideration. Above listed are a few important things to be considered while adhering to a taxi technology. If you are getting a taxi-hailing app for your business, it is highly advisable to make sure whether your taxi software has all the features that are required to deliver on-demand service in a more feasible way. There are plenty of software available in the market but you need to be vigilant to get the best one with the necessary apps and features and provide seamless taxi service.