Enriched social media contents using Flex

techie | May 21 - 2010

Open source Flex 4 makes it possible to reach new levels in social networking

The updated open source Flex 4 framework, also now available, includes a new component architecture for RIAs providing complete separation of appearance and functionality, enabling each to be changed independently without affecting the other.

The new skinning and component architecture, code-named Spark, builds on top of the existing MX architecture, providing a much more efficient mechanism for developers and designers to work together to control the appearance of their Flex applications.

Data centric approach is possible through this.

Introspect Java PHP, Adobe Cold Fusion, REST, and SOAP services will display methods and properties in the new Data/Service Explorer

FXPs contain functional UI elements, including MXML, Action Script language coding, component skins, and graphical assets, enabling developers to focus on core application logic. This can be done by importing adobe flex projects.

You can generate a detailed audit trail of all data passed between the local Flex application and the back end, assisting with debugging and performance tuning.

Command line build

You can use the new command line build capability to automate your build process.

You can avail Flex unit testing integration

You can automate functional testing using the Flex unit testing framework.

Automatic generation of common code

Code refactoring could be enhanced

Quickly navigate through code or restructure it by renaming all references to a class, method, or variable. Flash Builder 4 adds move refactoring.

Rich visual layout improved

Visually design and preview user interface layout, appearance, and behavior using a rich library of built-in components. Extend the built-in Flex framework components or create new ones as needed.

Set conditional breakpoints, evaluate expressions, and set watch points on variables to halt execution on value change. Use the Expressions view to watch variables selected in the Variables view and to add/evaluate watch expressions. Break out of a loop during a debugging session using run to line.

Custom templates

Customize default information contained in new MXML, Action Script, and CSS files, such as author and date, introductory comments, copyright information, opening and closing tags and attributes, Action Script declarations, namespace prefixes, and more.

Easily browse and import Flex themes and apply them to your project.

Display comments in MXML and Action Script editors using AS Doc.

You can import and update custom Flex components using the new workflow between Adobe Flash Professional software and Flash Builder 4.

Style sheeting and skinning improved

Customize the appearance of an application using CSS and graphical property editors. You can quickly set the most commonly used properties and preview the results in Design View.

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