Enterprise Mobility Solutions for your Business

Nandakumar | February 22 - 2016

Enterprise mobility has altered the way of working in the industries. Business tasks are made simple and time is saved in a great way. Every business is trying its luck in one or the other way to acquire enterprise mobility trends into their system.
With mobile phones becoming everything for people nowadays, the demand of mobile phones seems not to reduce. That makes the statement obvious that there will be a great need of the enterprise mobility solutions for your business.

Here are some interesting stats that confirm the need for enterprise mobility solutions:

1. Increased field selling time: 28%
2. Eliminated redundant activities: 27%
3. Increased win rates: 26%
3. Reduced sales calls costs: 25%
4. Increased forecast accuracy: 25%
5. Decreased administrative time: 24%
6. Decreased sales cycle: 23%

[as in a recent Yankee Group Survey]

Below are some of the exciting benefits your business can grab through enterprise mobility solutions:

Internal communication becomes easy:

For an enterprise, communication is one of the most important activities. To make communication effective, chat options are provided with mobility solutions. This saves time of communicating directly. A message reaches the receiver in a jiff. File transfers and other similar tasks can also be done easily.

Simplified monitoring process:

Reports that need to communicated and viewed by a shared group can easily be monitored with enterprise mobile application development. Even on a busy schedule you will be able to monitor the reports or documents on the go.

News or other update sharing:

Sharing some important news or communicating an update can’t get better without an enterprise mobility solution provided by an awesome mobile app development company. No one will miss any information and everything will be completely communicated.

Easy access:

Accessing information by the concerned persons can get easier. Authorization can be given in a better way and enable who should view the information. This would be very effective to keep it away from the access of certain third parties. Checking new orders, processing the project and adding / removing new customers everything can be accessed by authorities in a shared platform but in a secured way.

Though there are enormous benefits of an enterprise mobility solution, it need to be developed with the right android or iphone application development company to attain full- fledged benefits of that.